Re: 2.1.62: dreamscape kernel: d_alloc: 1993 unused, pruning dcache

Michel (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 23:48:24 -0500

Richard Gooch wrote:
> Kaitlin R. Silver writes:
> >
> > Nov 10 18:26:08 dreamscape kernel: d_alloc: 1993 unused, pruning dcache
> > Nov 10 18:26:31 dreamscape kernel: d_alloc: 1993 unused, pruning dcache
> >
> > Anyone mind explaining what these msg's mean? (i'm nervous enough as it is
> > lately..)
> Don't worry. I think it's just Bill's debugging output. I imagine
> those messages will be removed once the kinks are removed from the
> dentry code. I've been quite happy with 2.1.62 (I've stopped using
> 2.1.42 now). The dentry stuff really makes FS operations scream. Just
> try a few succsessive finds...
> Regards,
> Richard....

What a relief, I was getting worried.
It is indeed going faster on my 486/33 than on 2.0.30, the real test will
be when I recompile the kernel, see if it is shorter than 4.5 hrs.

It's probably not as simple for the
kmem-free: Either bad obj addr or <etc...>
VFS: brelse: Trying to free free buffer

message which I get quite often even on an iddle full screen

My PC has to stay on because when my hard disk gets cold it won't boot up
Every mornings I get several copies of these messages, always the same one.
No one seem to know anything about it, am I the only one with this or
is it some debug stuff I shouldn't worry about?

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