Re: Boot time warnings from insmod

Bill Hawes (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 11:23:00 -0400

James G. Stallings II wrote:

> However, after compiling a (very lean) custom kernel (make menuconfig;
> make dep; make clean; make zImage; make modules; make modules_install) and
> rebooting from that kernel, I get a large series of messages about
> unresolved symbols in various modules (most of which are regarding devices
> I don't have compiled into the kernel), and from insmod, saying the
> symbols don't match the kernel symbols. I can't give you the precise
> messages just now, as they don't get logged.

You may have modules left over from your previous kernel still in the
/lib/modules tree. Try deleting the subtree for your kernel version and
then rerun the make modules_install to install just the fresh modules.

When you recompile the kernel, the symbol definitions generally change,
so any modules compiled under prior versions will complain.