Boot time warnings from insmod

James G. Stallings II (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 08:57:38 -0500 (CDT)

Ladies, Gentelemen, all,

I've recently put together a *tiny* system (500MB IDE, 33MHz 486, 8MB RAM,
ancient AMIBIOS) for a place to play around with kernels.

Upon installing RedHat 4.2 w/kernel 2.0.30 (no patches - straight out of
the box) everything worked great. The system is super stable, reasonably
responsive (given its limitations), and generally satisfying.

However, after compiling a (very lean) custom kernel (make menuconfig;
make dep; make clean; make zImage; make modules; make modules_install) and
rebooting from that kernel, I get a large series of messages about
unresolved symbols in various modules (most of which are regarding devices
I don't have compiled into the kernel), and from insmod, saying the
symbols don't match the kernel symbols. I can't give you the precise
messages just now, as they don't get logged.

The system seems to be running fine, other than these warnings at boot

Is this normal behaviour, or have I slipped a cog somewhere?



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