Re: Name and e-mail address of linuxhq maintainer

Alan Shutko (
27 Sep 1997 20:17:36 -0500

>>>>> "A" == ADAM Sulmicki <> writes:

A> On 26 Sep 1997, Zlatko Calusic wrote:
-> ADAM Sulmicki <> writes:
-> 'whois' ... but still I don't think he will do that
-> b/c: 1) he was hoping to make money of that, but that failed so he
-> shut it down.
-> That's not true. You're making a big liar of yourself.

A> Could you Please referain from name calling? I did not say that I'm
A> saying some 'holy truth', I just said what _I_ _think_.

That's the way you portrayed it. It read as if it was your opinion
that he wouldn't do something, because of these facts that you held.

A> 1) He would not allow his site to be mirrored in any way (it was in
A> FAQ section of the site)... odd many sites are mirrored (commerical
A> ones usually are the exception.)

However, there are a lot of people who don't like mirroring of their
sites because things can get out of date and because they want to have
control of what goes on it and what comes off it. Since it's their
name attached to the site, it's not unreasonable.

A> 2) If you would follolw a small link at bottom, you would go at the
A> to advertisement section where you had info that you could put ads
A> on that site (for a quite a bit of $$$)

Also not surprising giving the fact that he was paying out the nose
for an ISDN connection. I'd appreciate some cost reduction in that
case too.

A> 4) It was an enormous work and must have taken huge amounts of
A> time, I think more than a free time for hobby could allow, and it
A> was work just of a single person (again from FAQ ) (and again I
A> fully appreciate the work Mark has done).

He says that he asked for help a number of times, and nobody stepped
forward. I didn't follow the web site, but if this is true, I'd say
that it kills the whole commercial aspect.

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