Re: Name and e-mail address of linuxhq maintainer

ADAM Sulmicki (
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 13:00:05 -0400 (EDT)

On 26 Sep 1997, Zlatko Calusic wrote:

->ADAM Sulmicki <> writes:
->> 'whois' ... but still I don't think he will do that b/c:
->> 1) he was hoping to make money of that, but that failed so he shut it
->> down.
->That's not true. You're making a big liar of yourself.

Could you Please referain from name calling? I did not say that I'm saying
some 'holy truth', I just said what _I_ _think_.

Yes, I do appologize to making comments like such, w/out solid proof to
such big mailing list like linux-kernel.

HOWEVER, there are things which can give you a bit to _think_.

I really do appreciate Mark Evan's work, and I would say that it was, one
of best, if not THE best, Linxu related sites. And while I truly belive it
was his hobby, I also think he had quiet hope to make some money of it.
Looking carfully around that site and reading post to linux-kernel.

1) He would not allow his site to be mirrored in any way (it was in FAQ
section of the site)... odd many sites are mirrored (commerical
ones usually are the exception.)
2) If you would follolw a small link at bottom, you would go at the
to advertisement section where you had info that you could put ads
on that site (for a quite a bit of $$$)
3) YET, there was NOT A SINGLE ad on that site
4) It was an enormous work and must have taken huge amounts of time, I
think more than a free time for hobby could allow, and it was work just
of a single person (again from FAQ ) (and again I fully appreciate the
work Mark has done).
5) There was a cost of $350/month for a ISDN line.. well if it was me I
would just ask for some mirror all around world, and maintain part-time
internet link for updates, if cost is a problem.

Yes, I'm already familar with the list attached below, I just prefer to
read between lines since I don't belive in perfect world. And even if you
do some volunter work, you still need money -- just to get food etc, and
I'm pretty sure the LinuxHQ site was taking _HUGE_ amounts of time.

And again, I do agree it was hobby, I just imply one of reasons for site
shutdown was fact, that there was no money of it.

Anyways, let stop this pointless talk and see if Mark agrees to give all
data he had on his old site. If he does I'll agree with you completely.

->These are the words of the maintainer himself, so could you please
->check if you have some problems with your logic:
->> On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Karsten M. Self wrote:
->> > There are rumors of your site's demise ( -- I
->> > certainly can't reach it. Internic shows this as contact information,
->> > you might care to confirm or deny, we miss you.
->> Unfortunately, the rumors are true, the site is gone. I'm sure the
->> next question is why??? Here's the story:
->> LinuxHQ has been my little pet project for over a year, and it has
->> been a very enjoyable venture. Recently, the company I work for
->> bought another company in California (I'm in Texas). I now spend
->> about 75% of my time traveling and it is simply impossible for me to
->> keep the site updated with the rapid changes that take place with
->> Linux development.
->> I tried for a few weeks to pull it off, but between long distance
->> phone calls into my system and not having any access, it simply didn't
->> work.
->> I've received several emails (hundreds) asking why the site was so out
->> of date, many were asking politely but most were more angry that I
->> hadn't kept up the system.
->> I've tried many times to recruit some help, but it has never panned
->> out. So, In light of the fact that I am no longer in a position to
->> maintain the site and it was also costing me a little over $350 per
->> month to maintain the connection and ISDN line, I decided it was time
->> to shut it down. If I couldn't do it right, I didn't see any reason
->> in doing it at all.
->> I'm leaving again for two more weeks later today and won't have access
->> to email for that time. I hope that folks will understand why it had
->> to come to an end and hopefully someday I'll be able to provide a
->> little bit back to the Linux community again.
->> BTW, the domain will be removed as well, if someone else
->> wants to try and pickup where I left off, the domain should be
->> available in a few days thru internic.
->> Thank you for your query, I hope I've answered your questions to your
->> satisfaction. I'll miss the interaction I had with all the Linux
->> users and developers, I have certainly gained much from the experience
->> and hope that I've been able to help others along the way.
->> Good Luck!
->> --
->> Mark Evans
->(I'm sorry for reposting this on the list, but I just could't stand
->false accusations.)
->Posted by Zlatko Calusic E-mail: <>
-> No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway.