Re: Is pre-patch-2.0.31-10 the same as pre-patch-2.0.31-9 + p10-2?

Dr. Werner Fink (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 13:10:16 +0200

> I noticed today that there is now a pre-patch-2.0.31-10.gz on the kernel
> ftp site ( Is this the same as pre-patch-2.0.31-9.gz
> plus the p10-2.gz or are there more fixes in it?

Naa ... you need exactly:

linux-pre-2.0.31-9.tar.gz and patch-2.0.31-pre9-pre10.gz


linux-2.0.31.tar.gz, pre-patch-2.0.31-9.gz (don't forget to run
`make mproper') and patch-2.0.31-pre9-pre10.gz

Note: patch-2.0.31-pre9-pre10.gz is NOT exactly the same as p10-2.gz