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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 20:41:16 +0100
From: Matthew Knapp <>
Subject: kernal-image: Problem with WD7000 Controller

Package: kernel-image
Version: 1.3.1 distribution

The kernal in version 1.3.1 has problems with the WD7000 driver. Upon
probing for the WD7000 in the initial boot sequence (for installation) it
drops the link light on the hub for the ne2000 card. Later, when given the
option to install an ethernet card it finds the card at the set IRQ and IO
address but still will not bring back up the link.

To rule out problems with the BUSLOGIC card I removed it and booted without
it in and had the same problems when it probed for the WD7000 card.

Is there a way to remove this driver from the bootup? I need to install via
FTP but am unable to do so without my ethernet card!

FYI, I am running a system with the following configuration:
Pentium 60
40 MB Ram
Buslogic Flashpoint SCSI card
NE 2000 compat ethernet card
IDE controller
ATI Mach 32 vid card


Matthew Knapp

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