Re: File Corruption

Pavel Machek (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 10:15:23 +0200


> Linux corrupts files when writing them to disk.

Is it repeatable? Does it do it always on any 512-bytes file?

> I have a Triton III mainboard (i430VX chipset) with iPentium 200,
> 512k SRAM cache, and a DIMM 32Mb SDRAM chip.
> It seems that it's a hardware flaw, but win95 doesn't present
> any problem.
> I already disabled the external cache, used an ISA IDE card,
> tried different hard disks, linux distributions, different kernels
> (1.2.13, 2.0.27, etc.), and the corruption remains.

Strange... Try to
- disable l2 cache, use only 4Meg of memory
- use that isa ide card
- make sure you _DON'T_ use hdparm (better rm it from your computer

> Could anybody tell me weather it's a kernel problem or
> if I am using broken or unsupported hardware?

I'm really 	   Pavel
Look at ;-).