Re: strange file ...??

Andreas Schwab (
24 Sep 1997 11:52:58 +0200

daniel provencher <> writes:

|> hello all
|> today i found a stange file on my system, i cant erase file, cant
|> change mode, cant change owner, i cant do anything with it (and i'm in
|> root) so there is info about this files, hope someone have any idea what
|> to do with it, i want to delete it, cause my tape backup tell me it's
|> 932Megs file, but when i do df, i have only 540 megs uses, and my HD have
|> 1.2 gigs ;-)
|> there is the info when i do ls -al this file is supposed to be a text
|> file, and i cant edit it with joe or vi...

|> c---rw-r-- 28773 2605 21295 56, 48 Dec 28 1993 pserver.log.970903

That looks like the result of a crash that wrote random data on an inode
block. If you can't remove that file even as root then you can only get
rid of it with debugfs(8) (chattr won't work due to a bug in the handling
of attributes in ext2).

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