Re: smbfs, 2.1.55 and smbmount

Bill Hawes (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 15:51:04 -0400

John Hayward-Warburton wrote:
> Then, smbmount works, but the kernel reports (during an 'ls' or
> other similar operation) that no server has been passed, or that a
> bad server has been passed.
> Any ideas? Should I be using a different version of smbmount from
> the one in smbfs-2.0.2?

You need to pick up the latest smbfs package (2.1.0) from Volker's ftp
site -- think it's under misc/dontuse. You'll need samba 1.9.17p1, and
I had to make minor fixes to the patch contained in smbfs 2.1.0 to get
smbclient to compile.

Once you've patched smbclient, you mount a smbfs volume from the
smbclient prompt, e.g. > mount /mnt/tmp -f 755

I'll release an updated snapshot for smbfs shortly. I found the bug
that was causing the connection to die, and I can now compile linux from
a smbfs volume.