Re: smbfs, 2.1.55 and smbmount

Stephen Williams (Volker.Lendecke@SerNet.DE)
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 09:40:09 +0200


> You need to pick up the latest smbfs package (2.1.0) from Volker's ftp
> site -- think it's under misc/dontuse. You'll need samba 1.9.17p1, and
> I had to make minor fixes to the patch contained in smbfs 2.1.0 to get
> smbclient to compile.
> Once you've patched smbclient, you mount a smbfs volume from the
> smbclient prompt, e.g. > mount /mnt/tmp -f 755

Let me justify this change: The connection setup for smb connections
can be VERY complex, and with the old scheme everything was done
within the kernel. There were several things that the old smbmount did
not do, for example NetBIOS name lookup and encrypted passwords. To do
encrypted passwords we would need DES in the kernel. I do not think
this is a good idea. With the new setup, a daemon is waiting for each
mount point, supplying a new connection upon request from the
kernel. This way it will be possible to adapt to the changes that will
come with NT5 much easier. For example, NT5 (or does NT4 already do
this?) will have a distributed file system. When doing a file lookup,
the server can tell you 'hey, this file is on that server over
there'. You need a new connection to the other server, including all
the connection setup stuff and so on. I would really prefer to do this
in user space. Another reason is that smbclient usually is quite well
maintained, which could not always be said of smbfs :-(. Bill, I
really appreciate your work, THANKS!

> I'll release an updated snapshot for smbfs shortly. I found the bug
> that was causing the connection to die, and I can now compile linux from
> a smbfs volume.

Wow! Great!


Version: 2.6.3i
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