Re: Bizarre difference in uptimes for same kernel

Peter Benie (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 18:17:25 +0100

Michael L. Galbraith writes ("Re: Bizarre difference in uptimes for same kernel"):
> On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Peter Benie wrote:
> > My experience with pgcc is not so good... The pgcc kernel is fine
> > 99% of the time, but suffers from random weirdness.
> The latest/greatest is pretty nice. I'm using egcs-970910 with the pgcc
> patches hand integrated. It's working well enough to compile XF3.3.1
> and run with _no_ detectable errors. No earlier pgcc version could compile
> X and not have runtime glitches happen.

I took your advice and upgraded to egcs-970910. I'm pleased to say
that I'm now running a pgcc compiled kernel and libc. It appears to be
working perfectly.