Re: /proc/sys/net/* proliferation

Andreas Kleen (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 13:02:15 +0200

> >P.S.: Anyone knows if Caldera/RedHat/SUSE ship their default kernels with
> >IP forwarding enabled?
> Caldera ships with a 2.0.29 kernel with no IP forwarding. That is very
> poor when you try to install any serious sort of system. IMHO if routing
> can only be changed at compile time (as in 2.0.x) it should be on so the
> functionality is there for those who need it.

No, it shouldn't because it can cause serious harm and security holes
on multihomed hosts. I'm pretty sure that the host requirements RFC
requires an explicit user action to enable it.

FYI Someone integrated an sysctl to turn forwarding on/off into 2.0.30
with the default set by the compile option.