Re: 2.0.29 and maximum number of user.

Chris Wedgwood (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:38:11 -0400

raid0 does have its uses, though. For example, if you're mirroring a
major FTP site, you typically don't really care if the data gets lost,
since it is only a replica anyway. That is, unless you're relying on
the data being there at all times.


I would think a mirror large enough to require raid0 (for speed) is probably
large enough that you would really want raid5...

OTOH, for many applications such as video, raid0 is way kewl. Sucking data
from betacam units, which are digital, high-bandwidth but slow is one
example. (MPEG compression is _not_ an option).

News servers are another good use I guess... you need speed but don't really
care if the spool is completely trashed a couple of times a year.

raid0 can also be quite nice in some machines - especially if you're really
impatient and just want faster disk access. I had one machine that was a bit
slow because I was using 4.2GB HD's and I guess the banding or something is
such that just reading a directory at random can cause a lot of disk
activity. Anyhow... making it raid0 helped plenty, presumably not because
thoughput was higher, but because each head had to move less and more than
one can move at a time.