Re: NFS problems in 2.1.54

Bill Hawes (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:37:53 -0400

Steven N. Hirsch wrote:
> There is something still quite broken with the NFS client in 2.1.54.


> I have noted this behavior starting with 2.1.36, FWIW. After all the
> discussion about fixes to the NFS subsystem, I had high hopes. Those
> folks hacking in the NFS code would be advised to use kernel patching and
> compilation as a bug trigger. It scores 100% at my end..
> Bill Hawes: If you have any ideas, or would like me to do any on-point
> testing, please say the word!

Hi Steve,
I'd like to take you up on your offer to help test and track down NFS
bugs :-) I'll be reviewing the NFS client code over the next couple of
weeks, so if you (or anyone) can provide specific bug reports, it would
help a lot.

The most helpful approach would be to run an NFS test suite (perhaps
Olaf Kirch has one?), and to use strace to pinpoint failing calls.
Kernel compilation is a good go/no go test, but if it fails, it's hard
to tell what went wrong because of the complexity of the build process.
But if you report that "mv fails when the source is a symlink with xxx
permission", someone can probably fix the call right away.

My impression is that most of NFS client is pretty solid and that there
are just a few small problems that need to be fixed.