Re: Kernel virtual memory?

Victor Yodaiken (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 15:23:49 -0600

On Aug 7, 7:00pm, Benjamin C R LaHaise wrote:
Subject: Re: Kernel virtual memory?
>Yes it's possible, and yes people are working on it (both myself and Mark
>Hemment are doing similar, but different implementations). However we do
>generally want to avoid these sorts of memory management tricks as
>otherwise one's system might end up spending a great deal of time
>shuffling pages around in memory. Any driver that needs to regularly
>allocate dmable pages should really think about doing that at startup,
>and just holding onto these flip buffers for its lifetime.

Shuffling buffers has bad implications for SMP since it will require
synchronizing tlb flushes on all cpus!