Re: Potential kernel problem with MMX chips?

Aaron Tiensivu (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 17:05:37 -0400

> I've just dropped a P200MMX Intel chip in my home box. Nice and quick, but
> I've hit a nasty problem;
> The first time I try and run squake after boot, the game fires up fine,
> and plays well. However, once you exit the process, ALL subsequent
> attempts to play the game result in a seg fault. This is 100% repeatable
> after every boot. I am sure it did not used to happen with my P100.

If it's an MMX problem, then it is an Intel MMX problem.. since my K6 hums
along fine with squake any number of times I play.

Even though I'd suspect that the game play would be noticably slower
with the Pentium memcpy, it's not.

So, I kinda sorta doubt it, unless I'm over-ruled by others who have
the same problem.

Has anyone given some thought to abusing the MMX codes for non-video,
non-audio uses? Might be worthwhile, although I honestly haven't
browsed the MMX spec sheet yet.

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