Re: Module undefined symbols ...

Martin von Loewis (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 09:08:34 +0200

> However even though I use implemented
> kernel calls and I compile the module ok,
> when I use insmod it reports certain
> undefined symbols. This happens only
> with some calls, for example :
> in_aton undefined
> dev_open undefined
> sys_socket undefined
> in_ntoa undefined
> ip_get_mask undefined
> ip_rt_new undefined
> Any ideas ?

A kernel module is limited to a restricted set of kernel symbols,
those which are "exported". For a list of exported symbols, do
cat /proc/ksyms
If you think you need to export more symbols, see kernel/ksyms.c
for details. However, some of the functions you mention are not
intended to be called by a module, so maybe you reconsider whether
you really need those functions.