Re: 3com 905 driver still missing from 2.0.31 prepatch

Stephane Bortzmeyer (
Thu, 07 Aug 97 09:30:45 +0200

On Wednesday 6 August 97, at 9 h 56, the keyboard of Chris Evans
<> wrote:

> Some clarification: Those of us who have had dreadful trouble with 3c59x.c
> driver are those with the 8k (I think) 3c590 boards, 10Mbits, with

My case :-(

> The alternative is 0.42 which by all accounts sounds like it has the
> stability _and_ the bus mastering capabilities..? Something needs to be
> done about the 2.0.30 driver, at any rate.

No, 0.42 has still the same bug with Boomerang (3c590) cards (not the
other 3com cards) even at 10 Mb/s. See the many messages on the mailing
list linux-vortex about that.

I didn't try yet 0.42n or other unofficial patches (which often disable
the bus mastering)...