Re: Usenet gateway?

Richard Gooch (rgooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU)
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 13:03:35 +1000

Olaf Titz writes:
> > Is it possible to filter out all messages which have "Newsgroups: " or
> > "Distribution: " in their headers?
> Perhaps bounce them to the sender with a notice to fix their mail
> program...
> > Even better: automatically add the
> > sender address of such messages to the not allowed list?
> Very very bad. You would accidentally blacklist even people who run a
> single-user local gateway. (Everyone who is on a large number of
> mailing lists knows that such gateways can be a very good idea.)
> Not to mention organization or city local gateways.

No, they would only be blacklisted if they fed from news back into the
mailing list. A feed from mail to news (if configured properly) would
be unknown to the mailing list. And as Dave has said, feeding from
news to mail is absolutely verboten. There was no end of trouble (mail
loops) when there was bidirectional gatewaying, so it should not be
done. And has also been discussed, a mail -> (public) Usenet gateway
is not desirable either, because spammers grab addresses from Usenet.