Re: buffer cache patches - anybody willing to summarize?

Dave Wreski (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 19:46:11 -0400 (EDT)

> > Linus: just fix the buffer cache problem please! This seems to be the
> > bug that is causing all the lock-ups and memory oops and such.
> No. The fact the networking is totally shafted also causes a lot of oopses

So its the networking infrastructure that has the problem, not a specific
NIC? Is there a list of the problems someplace? I'll do what I can to
help exhibit the problems...

Has David simply stopped working on 2.0? Seeing how the amount of
discussion/attention this thread and topic have gotten, wouldn't it be
prudent to focus as much on 2.0 as possible? I understand much of the 2.1
stuff may be rewritten, and the problems may not exist there, but it will
be some time before 2.1 is stable, and what do the server machines do in
the meantime?

> > 1) ask the driver maintainer for the latest stable driver patch against
> > 2.0.31 when it is released, or...
> The new tulip should be in the 2.0.31 kernel.

Incidentally, is the tulip cards better than the 3c905 cards?

> > 2.0 tree. Security and fatal bug fixes *only*. other than that 2.0
> > supports what it supports and you should wait for 2.2/3.0 to include new
> > hardware support.
> Both the AHA29xx and tulip are pretty fatal if you have these boards. Neither

Wow, thats pretty beat. I thought the AHA29xx were doing better these
days. Not nearly as many problems as there used to be. Will/can this be
fixed for the next version?

What is the source of this problem?

Dave Wreski