New pre-2.0.31 patches..

Linus Torvalds (
4 Aug 1997 19:50:16 -0500


now is the time for people to start verifying that the new pre-2.0.31
patches so far actually work. I'm making the pre-patches available in my
normal "testing" directory on, under pub/linux/kernel.

Currently the pre-patches have there larger patches:

- updated ide, aic7xxx and tulip.c drivers
- alpha fp code patches
- buffer cache patch
- file locking patch
- menuconfig update

Additionally there are various small patches.

Anybody who has critical patches missing from the current pre-patch
(2.0.31-2), please speak up. Similarly, when you notice that it doesn't
even compile or it doesn't actually boot or some other nagging problem,
write me a line saying so,