Re: 2.0.31p2 locks up

Dave Wreski (
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 18:10:33 -0400 (EDT)

> Dale Amon as Operator wrote:
> >This sounds hauntingly familiar... I have a system with a heavy
> >mail load, 2 ethernets, virtual servers, web servers...
> Sounds familiar to me, too. My PC at work (486DX4/100, 32MB RAM, 3c509
> ethernet card, Mach32 VLB graphics card, Adaptec 2842 SCSI controller)
> runs an X-server, a web server and the squid http caching server.
> Normally load on the web server and squid is rather low, and the machine
> has run flawlessly for almost 3 years now.

I usually don't post to this list, unless I have some worthwhile
information to speak about, but I think its important for me to chime in
and say 'me too' here.

I just put together three identical (except for one 200mhz vs 133mhz
intel) boxes, and in an effort to verify their correct operation, I ran
the badblocks script and a dual make -j.

The next morning, one of the boxes was completely locked, except for
ability to flip VCs. Later in the day the others had eventually locked as

It would indeed be nice to have more debugging information to work with.
I'm using .31-pre2 and werner's July22 patches on all boxes.

I really don't know where to even start to help debug this. Any ideas on
what I can do to help? I'm really looking forward to having a rock solid