Re: PentiumII's

Marcus B (
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 20:14:46 +1000 (EST)

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Rob Hagopian wrote:

>Intel also claims that it's impossible to push a PPro 180 to 200, PCI from
>33 to 37, ISA to 12 (or such... I'm not big on ISA speeds). It's all
^^^^^^^^^ - only with 95% of cards, but it woks very well.

>sillycon, it's just not that certain. And people have gotten the tyan's to
>75 easily and someone was talking about 82.5 (?) a while ago on
> -Rob H.

Not exactly to do with above but I run a iP166 @ 200Mhz for days at a
time, no problems but one thing I found an old iP100 @ 133Mhz gets awfully
hot after about an hour and about 1 1/2 hours at 120Mhz. But thats Intel
for ya!

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