Re: Can't ifconfig eth0 with 2.1.x

Dave Cinege (
Sun, 03 Aug 97 06:20:48 -0500

On Sun, 3 Aug 1997 18:34:49 +1000 (EST), Darren Reed wrote:

>In some mail I received from Dave Cinege, sie wrote
>> Don't know what is up with this....I'm using a 3c900XL.
>> Boot time message finds it and shows it as eth0, but if I try to ifconfig
>> eth0 it says the device does not exist. Everything is fine with 2.0.30 and
>> lower.
>> Currently trying 2.1.42...also had the same problem with 2.1.35. My dist is
>> Debian 1.3.1. Could I require a newer ifconfig?
>Hmmmm, I had to get an updated .c file for my 3c900xl to work under Linux.

I just checked the driver version again and it was 0.25 not 0.35 like I
thought. 0.25 was written in '95! I replaced 3c59x.c witht he 0.42 version
and all is now well. Why is such an old broken version of the driver in the
dev kernel tree??

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