Keyboard woes (Super P5MMA failure of keyboard detection)

Jon Peatfield (
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 03:06:18 +0100

Well I've searched all the archives but no-one else seems to have seen this so
I'll make a fool of myself.

We recently obtained a PC which has a "Super P5MMA" motherboard. The board
looks fine according to it's specs and the Windows (urhhh) it came with works
ok. When a Linux kernel (e.g. 2.0.30) is booted however, it gives several
errors and reports that the keyboard isn't responding. The keyboard is ps/2
connected if that makes any difference. The same kernels work fine on other
machines with ps/2 keyboards (different m/boards though).

Lilo/ldlinux can read from the keyboard (presumably using the bios), but once
the kernel is booted it gets nothing. There are also a series of messages
from the PCI probe (if PCI support is compiled in), listing the following
unknown devices:

8086:7100 8086:7110 8086:7111 8086:7112 8086:7113 1026:51b

(I think, they zip past fast and I can't scroll back). My first thought was
that the keyboard controller might be one of these, but after spending some
time reading through kernel code I believe that the keyboard is supposed to be
at a fixed location (oddly this seems to be arch independent -- is this right?)

None of the bios settings or m/board jumpers seem to be relevant, so I don't
understand why the keyboard isn't detected. I've removed all cards (except
the video) in case fo some weird clash but nothing works. I'm probably
missing something, or the machine is shafted.