Keyboard funnies

George (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 21:35:40 -0400 (EDT)

I was typing on my Toshiba 2105CS laptop with a PS/2 keyboard in the PS/2
socket and a Logitech mouse in the serial port. I was ppp conneted to
Miami University where I was logged into the local VAX through a Linux

Then my keystrokes stopped responding. I kept typing, nothing. Hit
numlock, nothing. Scroll lock, nada. Alt+F1, no dice. So I tried the
builtin keyboard instead of the PS/2 keyboard, same problem, nothing

I bumped the mouse and gpm's cursor showed up. So using what was I on the
screen, I pasted together a 'logout' twice to get back to my laptop Linux.
I pasted together 'dmesg' and it showed nothing unusual (last 15 lines were
all about the PCMCIA modem being removed and inserted from previous use).

As I was trying to cd to the proc filesystem with cut & paste, my
BIOS screen blank kicked in from lack of keyboard activity. I then
disconnected the PS/2 keyboard and plugged it back in. The three LED's
flashed once as it was plugged in but nothing worked other than that.

Kernel is a standard Slackware 3.2 PCMCIA kernel 2.0.29. I don't have any
other information and I don't think it'll be reproducible. (No Oops or