Re: slow network behavior with kernel 2.0.x

Bruce Thompson (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 18:44:49 -0700

| My company developes a psuedo real-time client-server system that runs on
| linux connected through TCP sockets. I have been noticing it has been
| taking the data packets quite a while to reach the clients from the
| After trying several different ethernet cards and speeds (TP vs
| vs 100), I have determined that the slow down only occures when the
| is running with a linux 2.0.x kernel (I have not tried 2.1.x). Any
| running up to 1.3.89 runs fine at full speed. I have not yet tested any
| kernel between 1.3.89 and 2.0.0

Tomasz Motylewski has pointed out that I didn't specify which 2.0.x kernel
I was refering to. I have tried kernels up to and including 2.0.30. I
have not tried the 2.0.31-2 pre-patch as of yet as Tomasz suggested.

Bruce Thompson
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