Re: glibc 2, and Linux 2.x

Theodore Y. Ts'o (tytso@MIT.EDU)
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 20:06:12 -0400

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:25:19 -0700
From: Jim Pick <>

Be careful with e2fsprogs/glibc on partitions > 2GB. The latest e2fsprogs
in Debian (which uses glibc) is affected by a bug (I think) in llseek.
I effectively destroyed one 2.5GB partition I had by using e2fsck on it...

This is due to glibc not declaring llseek() in the system include
headers. I have a philosophical difference of opinion with the glibc
developers. My take is that if it's in the global namespace as
llseek(), it should be defined in the header files; that's how Solaris
and Linux libc4 handled things.

Their take is that they think it should be an internal interface, and
not defined in the header files.... as far as I'm concerned, I could
agree with that, except then llseek() should be _llseek() instead.

Anyway, the root cause of the problem is that libc 5 defines llseek() in
the system header files, and glibc does not. This causes the
ext2_llseek() routine to be compiled incorrectly under glibc, since a
long long argument is getting treated as an int.

It'll get fixed in the next version of e2fsprogs; until then, add


to the beginning of lib/ext2fs/llseek.c, or simply compile e2fsprogs
with libc 5.

- Ted