Re: kernel modules location ??

A Guy Called Tyketto (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 17:23:33 -0600 (GMT-0600)

Before I start, if I am wrong about this, someone please correct me. :)

> Hello:
> I was studying HOWTOS and I doubt about one thing...
> The paper says that when you 'make modules' the system link with object files
> in /linux/modules....
> <> Yes, I can test it in my Linux.
> The paper says that when you 'make modules_install' the system copy modules
> in dir /lib/modules/kernel_re/, ....I can see it but I can see too those files
> in /usr/src/linux/modules/net/...etc-..
> Must I remove the second ones ?

Those were still part of the process for making the kernel. if you go
to /usr/src/linux, and do a make clean, or make mrproper, it should do a
rm `find . -name modules -print` or something to that affect.

> Why I have two sites with module files ?

As said above, it's part of making the whole kernel. you still have
the object files for the other source code, no? like for printk(), etc. do a
find /usr/src/linux -name '*.o' -print, and see what you get. if you don't
need them (since you already have the kernel image), do a make clean.


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