Re: glibc 2, Linux 2.x and the world of many patches!

Daniel G. Linder (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 17:14:18 -0400 (EDT)

Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> My box is now up two days, mostly calculating povray images.
> Povray has ended (no such job anymore)
> /proc/meminfo says:
> MemTotal: 31196 kB
> MemFree: 1752 kB
> MemShared: 9008 kB
> Buffers: 500 kB
> Cached: 6128 kB
> SwapTotal: 21484 kB
> SwapFree: 18128 kB
> as you can see: I am missing about 15MBytes...
> Where did they gone...sniff ;-)


Not knowing what version of the other running programs are, it might be
a good idea to see if going into single user mode (telinit 1) clears up
the memory. If killing off one of those "extra" processes frees the
memory, try tracking down which daemon (or run-away process) it was and
report to the proper maintainers.
If you kill everything else off and /proc/meminfo still says you lost
15MB, then we are probably dealing with a kernel issue. Try rebooting and
verify that it sees all the memory when it comes up. Can you try
re-running the povray for another bit and re-create the problem? If the
system goes "un-used" for the same ammount of time, does it still eat
memory? How about running a good benchmarking program (iozone, bonnie,
"cd /usr/src/linux ; make -j bzlilo" :) ) and see if they show loss of
memory after being run.

Good luck on tracking this bug.


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