Re: PentiumII's.

Bruce Thompson (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 09:47:42 -0700

We have a 266MHz PII running with the latest red hat release (4.2).
Linux gives it 265 BogoMIPS and I've benchmarked it with our code (integer
CPU intensive) at being about 35% faster than a PP200 256k.

I don't think any current chip sets allow more than two PII chips yet in
addition to the problems already mentioned bellow.

| From: Erik Corry <>
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| Subject: Re: PentiumII's.
| Date: Tuesday, July 29, 1997 11:27 PM
| > How does it comapre to a PPRO 200? :)
| Unlike the PPRO it can't handle more than 512MB. Not that
| much of a problem as Linux-86 can only handle slightly less
| than 1GB according to a recent thread here. See
| <> if you understand
| German. The problem is the level 2 cache, which corrupts
| data for machines with more than 512MB. If you switch off
| the 2nd level cache it works, but is dog slow. Just switching
| off the 2nd level cache above 512MB doesn't work, as it then
| switches off the 1st level cache, too, for that area.
| It's pretty much impossible to find a 586 chipset that can
| cache more than 512MB (see another article in the paper
| version of the same magazine, c't 8/97), so if you need more
| you need either a PPro or a RISC processor.
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| Erik Corry