Re: [2.1.47] patch to avoid the ATAPI CD locking at boot

Trent Johnson (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 10:49:10 -0500

I have experienced this problem with a sony 4x cdrom.


In message <>, Aaron Tiensivu writes:
>> Description of the problem (you must have an ATAPI CD to try the following
>> it):
>> 1. Reboot your machine
>> 2. Wait lilo prompt
>> 3. Before boot linux open your ATAPI CD-ROM (as you want to insert a CD,
>> you can also insert a CD)
>> 4. Don' t close the CD-ROM with the eject button, but leave it opened
>> 5. With the CD-ROM opened start linux from lilo (that is waiting from
>> point 2).
>> 6. When the boot is finished and you are logging into your system try to
>> open the CD-ROM with the eject button (the same you pressed at point 3
>> to open it)
>> 7. The CD is locked
>This might be specific to your CD-ROM brand since my old junky Goldstar 4X
>CD-ROM doesn't have trouble.
>What brand do you have?