Re: Developing under NDA

Hans-Joachim Baader (
Wed, 30 Jul 97 14:00 MET DST

In article <> you write:
>> Just curious...I'd like to develop a driver for the Ricoh MP6200S CD-RW
>> drive, which does packet writing. The programming info requires an NDA,
>> so it cannot be distributed in source form.
>> What do I have to worry about from the kernel and GNU camps?
>Remind me not to buy a Ricoh MP6200S CD-RW drive :-)

Remind me not to by *any* Ricoh products at all, until the NDA is

Of course, nobody wants to stop Andrew from writing this driver -
perhaps he wants to make a living from it - but I predict it won't
get many customers as long as the NDA persists.


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