Re: PentiumII's.

Linus Torvalds (
30 Jul 1997 04:42:39 GMT

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Lai Zit Seng <> wrote:
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>> > A friend of mine bought a single processor 266MHz P2 to use as a
>> > web cache server. He has had no problems with it, running 2.0.28.
>> > The cache server gets 1 Megahits per day.
>> How does it comapre to a PPRO 200? :)
>Yes, I'm interested too. I'm looking for all-round performance. That would
>mean the Pentium-II if necessary. But if Linux doesn't make much use of
>MMX, and given the Pentium Pro's integrated L2 cache, perhaps the Pentium
>Pro might prove to be a better choice. Most of the benchmarks I've seen
>are Windows based, so they're probably not very useful to guage
>performance under Linux.

Well, I went from a dual PPro-200 to a dual PII-266, and I can honestly
say that the PII-266 is performing a lot better.

The PII has a larger L1 cache, which more than makes up for the slightly
slower (but generally larger) L2 cache as compared to the PPro. And
obviously the PII runs at higher clockspeeds.