swap oddities in 2.1.4[567]

Pavel Machek (pavel@Elf.mj.gts.cz)
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 22:08:29 +0200


Something is wrong with /proc/swaps...

pavel@Elf:~$ cat /proc/swaps
Filename Type Size Used
hda3 file 22172 28 -1
~~~~ partition should be written
here... I really do not call files 'hda3'. Also, swapoff -a seems not
to work... And it used to.

Under 2.1.42 it worked. I do not remember 2.1.43, but I think that
under 2.1.45 it did not... [Never tried 2.1.44 :-) ]

Hmm, if you look at code

if (ptr->swap_file)
len += sprintf(buf + len, "file\t\t");
len += sprintf(buf + len,

Where name is printed as


so swap_file can never be NULL (you would see oops).

BTW why to print swapfile's type. If it wrote full path, it would be
possible to ls -l `cat /proc/swaps` and see that... And btw
'partition' is pretty misleading, also. I may also want to swap on
/dev/hda, or even /dev/nd0 - and you would not call _that_ partition.


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