Inodes surviving unmounts in 2.1.47?

Martin von Loewis (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:55:10 +0200

When converting NTFS to 2.1.47, I found a strange problem:
- file system mounts, works and unmounts just fine
- the driver is unloaded and reloaded, file system is remounted
- upon access, the driver crashes because a field in an inode
is null. The only place where this field is cleared is inside
put_inode. So for some reason, the VFS is passing me an inode wich
was already released.

I was checking the dcache code, but it looks like it does the right
thing: Upon unmounting, dentry_unused is properly cleared, which should
kill any remaining dentries for the file system.

It's probably my fault. If anybody can comment on the issue, please
let me know.