Re: oops in pre-2.0.31-1

Alan Cox (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:52:27 +0100 (BST)

> Call Trace: [ip_free+16/164] [ip_evictor+38/56] [ip_defrag+34/860] [ip_rcv+393/1412] [ip_rcv+815/1412] [timer_bh+193/820] [net_bh+252/284]
> [do_bottom_half+59/96] [handle_bottom_half+11/32] [sys_idle+92/112] [system_call+85/128] [init+0/616] [start_kernel+429/440]

If that trace is right something is very very wrong in kernel land somewhere


idle task
handled an interrupt and returned
bottom half functions were pending
called net_bh
somehow got into timer_bh
then ip_rcv

I think the timer_bh is just stack space confusing the trace, and it went

receive an ip frame
try to defragment it
too many fragmented packets
purge the fragment queue
freeing a queue
delete its timer

That could well be a real bug because thats a "doesnt normally occur" code path.
I can't at the moment see how it could crash. Will dig further