Re: d_path to be removed?

Matthias Urlichs (
25 Jul 1997 17:54:24 +0200 writes:
> I was just frightened by the following comment in 2.1.47:
> + * This is broken in more ways than one. Unchecked recursion,
> + * unchecked buffer size. Get rid of it.
> int d_path(struct dentry * entry, struct dentry * chroot, char * buf)
> My reimplementation of smbfs depends HEAVILY on this feature. d_path
> could be implemented better, but I NEED the complete path.
Linus has said that he regards the abillity to have a getpwd() system call
(or similar; we want to do that for files too ;-) a Good Thing, so I doubt
the feature is going to vanish.