Modifying ethernet driver

prakash (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:00:00 +0500 (GMT+0500)


I have a situation like this.

There is an application (LAn Emulation Client)running in a linux machine.
For testing the Lan emulation client i want to get real life traffic
(the lec is not using switch it is using an emulation s/w of switch)So
it is working above the ip layer.

Now this is what i want to do,

I will be monitoring all the ethernet packets received by this
machine.(in which LEC is running).

If the ethernet frame is from another **dedicated machine**(traffic
generator),I want to give that frame to the LEC and else I will do nothing.
So I will have to modify the ethernet driver , specifically
the ei_receive(..) routine in the 8390.c file in the src/linux/drivers/net directory.
(I think so....)

Obviously i can't call the application directly from the driver.

so i want to pass the data (frame) in someway from the driver
to the application.
Can i use some form of ipc within the driver?
Can I write a user defined system -call for this?How?

Or any other suggestions?
Thanx in advance for any suggestion.

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