Re: For if you have multiple kernel trees.

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Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:43:44 -0700 (PDT)

> > (Rogier Wolff) writes:
> > > If you have multiple kernel trees next to each other, many files are
> > > still the same, even though the trees may be of wildly different
> > > versions.
> >
> > Or you can simply use tools like CVS to do a similar job but in a completely
> > different manner.
> >
> > Stefan
> If these files do not depend on the architecture, shouldn't they be in a
> directory like common/ (sorta like the Solaris source)?
> -S
in a given kernel tree, arch indepeendant files are in a common location, this
program is for when you have multiple kernel trees...

ex, on one of my machines, I have:

/usr/src/linux symlink to /usr/src/linux.2.0.30

this will let the common files between trees bee hardlinked.

message for Rogier: thanks... I think I'll use it (disk space hasn't been
a problem yet, but this idea is one of the cool things behind linux, there are
tons of people who can come up with ideas and implement them -- sorry for the
sentimental thought, after writing code for win95 at the office all day it is
nice coming home to linux)