Re: 2.0.30 problems with ext2 & EIDE

Tall cool one (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 21:07:30 -0500

Judd Bourgeois <> writes:
> I've been having some problems lately with an EIDE drive. About 2 weeks
> ago, I upgraded to a 2.5 GB Fujitsu hard drive and formatted it for ext2.
> Two days later, the drive conked out, apparently so bad that the BIOS
> couldn't even detect it.
> So I picked up an IBM 3.2 GB EIDE drive instead. After about a week, this
> drive started to give lots of weird errors so I took it back to the store
> and exchanged it for an identical drive. Today this drive turned up some
> strange errors on the filesystem, which were fixed after running e2fsck a
> bunch of times.
> Here's an example of what happens - I'll download a ZIP file for instance,
> and when I run "unzip -t" the test fails due to a bad CRC check.
> Downloading the file to another machine or another partition on the same
> machine works fine, so I know the ZIP is good.
> All three of these drives were out of the box and hadn't been plugged in
> for more than a week or two before they started giving errors. The EIDE
> interface is the onboard primary interface on the motherboard, a Tyan
> Tomcat III. Strangely, all the drives have been giving errors when
> plugged in as the primary master drive. None of the other drives have
> been giving errors, and we are fairly certain the cabling is good. Any
> ideas?

Uh oh. It's not the kernel. It's your Tomcat III. I've had some
strangeness myself. I've apparently killed three Quantum bigfoots, such
that not even the BIOS could autodetect them anymore (and they died
_fast_). Also on another machine (another Tomcat), we had some real
filesystem weirdness with two IDE MD'ed drives where files would become
directories and other strangeness, but only a specific area of the fs. I
eventually decided to just move everything to a SCSI drive and everything
has been peechy since. Fortunately the other machine didn't destroy the
drives, as they work fine in other machines now. I just thought (until now)
that it was just bad luck and IDE's overall cheapness and worthlessness.

In the first machine also, when I had two drives on the same primary
controller and attempted to copy files from one to the other, it would slow
way down, produce IDE errors and eventually lockup the machine. Attempting
to do anything with the bigfoots would also produce the same results only
almost instantly.

The bigfoots BTW, seemed to "die" when they were the secondary slave.

Something stinks in Tomcat country...

- Steve

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