2.0.30 problems with ext2 & EIDE

Racer X (shagboy@optical.mindstorm.com)
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:07:02 -0400 (EDT)


I've been having some problems lately with an EIDE drive. About 2 weeks
ago, I upgraded to a 2.5 GB Fujitsu hard drive and formatted it for ext2.
Two days later, the drive conked out, apparently so bad that the BIOS
couldn't even detect it.

So I picked up an IBM 3.2 GB EIDE drive instead. After about a week, this
drive started to give lots of weird errors so I took it back to the store
and exchanged it for an identical drive. Today this drive turned up some
strange errors on the filesystem, which were fixed after running e2fsck a
bunch of times.

Here's an example of what happens - I'll download a ZIP file for instance,
and when I run "unzip -t" the test fails due to a bad CRC check.
Downloading the file to another machine or another partition on the same
machine works fine, so I know the ZIP is good.

All three of these drives were out of the box and hadn't been plugged in
for more than a week or two before they started giving errors. The EIDE
interface is the onboard primary interface on the motherboard, a Tyan
Tomcat III. Strangely, all the drives have been giving errors when
plugged in as the primary master drive. None of the other drives have
been giving errors, and we are fairly certain the cabling is good. Any


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