Re: Ext2fs and hashed table.

H. Peter Anvin (
15 Jun 1997 07:51:31 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Peter Moulder <>
In newsgroup:
> Harald Koenig <> writes:
> > I'd say "tries to handle"... gnu-tar can't distinguish between
> allocated blocks all zero > and sparse holes. in case where it's
> important that some areas are really allocated, > gnu-tar may break
> your files. might not be a common problem but tar just can't > deal
> with sparse files perfectly; dump/restore can...

Why would that matter?

I would argue that dump can't deal with *ANY* file perfectly, since it
(in the typical configuration) is committing the utter no-no of
reading a non-quiescent r/w mounted filesystem from the raw block


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