LILO, mixed SCSI and IDE

Keith Owens (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 17:21:14 +1000

Just a heads up about a potential LILO problem. A SCSI machine had an
IDE drive added as a temporary storage relief. The motherboard (ASUS
P/I P65UP5 P55T2D) was told to boot SCSI before IDE (which worked) but
running LILO 0.19 to pick up a new kernel got warning messages. LILO
thought the SCSI disk was not drive 0. Next reboot hung on "LI", reach
for the emergency floppies.

Turned out the bios was reporting the IDE drive as 0x80 and the SCSI
boot as 0x81. Solution was to add


to lilo.conf. I still get warnings but at least it boots now.