Re: journaling filesystem

stephen farrell (
13 Jun 1997 01:00:28 -0500

"David S. Miller" <> writes:

> But somehow they get away with this. Maybe they mount most of the
> disks read-only? Perhaps I'll write and ask.
> You will get an answer probably like "FreeBSD is so stable it never
> crashes" or that they do in fact use the journaling filesystems
> written for the BSD vfs layer, the latter I highly doubt as it is slow
> as shit...

You mean the fully-journaling lfs? I don't think it even still works
in current FreeBSD systems (most of the funky BSD filesystems
(kernfs/portalfs/lfs/etc) are not functional in FreeBSD--they're used
so rarely that no-one bothers to maintain them.)

I did write to Jordan and he said that it wasn't really an issue: it
only takes 20 minutes to fsck, and, the obligatory, "it doesn't crash
that often".