BRAIN TOOLS! (A simple solution to Java development)

Gerald Hatfield (
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 15:48:10 -0500

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Dear  Developer:

World Creations has just released the Java development kit "BRAIN
TOOLS". Everyone knows  there is an abundance of dull and uncaptivating
sites out in the World Wide Web, But! yours doesn't have to fall in that
category. That's why World Creations has developed "BRAIN TOOLS". BRAIN
TOOLS brings a site to life, it is designed for beginners but has a
expert finish. Java as we know it is quite complicated and time
consuming, but with BRAIN TOOLS you produce the quality of professional
sites like Disney and Microsoft and in less than half the time. BRAIN
TOOLS are  inexpensive and very easy to develop! NO PROGRAMMING OR CODE

Please take the time to visit the BRAIN TOOLS web site for a
comprehensive description of the kit.

Thank You,

Gerald R Hatfield
World Creations, CEO
1(219) 845-7113

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