Re: Segmentation fault [./scripts/mkdep & ./drivers/sound/configure scripts]

A Guy called Tyketto (
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 17:45:43 -0500 (CDT)

> Hy,
> I have a problem compiling the Linux kernel with SlackWare 3.2
> When I do 'make config' it goes fine till the soundblaster configuration
> and it exits with
> an error [139].
> When I execute the configure script in the drivers/sound dir I get a segmentation fault error
> The same happend with the mkdep script ... so I can't compile the kernel !!
> It's kernel version 2.0.29, but with kernel 2.1.35 I have
> the same problem.
> Everything worked fine though with the previous SlackWare
> release ...
> Why is this?

I think this problem was answered in an earlier post.. Someone correct
me if I'm wrong, but the error you're getting is a combination of 2 errors.
you're getting make error 128, and you're hitting signal 11 errors as well.
128 + 11 = 139. Take a look at what error 128 is; perhaps it's listed in the
man page for make, or other documentation for it. as for sig11, the WWW page
may have changed addresses, but the last I saw it, you may want to take a look
at it has some good insights
into why you may be getting the error.

It may be a hardware problem.. but if it's not, please let me know, as
I'm going to be upgrading to Slackware 3.2 shortly. TIA!


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