Re: stdio, stderr with __SMP__ kernel
Fri, 23 May 1997 15:45:54 +0200

From: "Richard B. Johnson" <>

> Do both (i) and (ii):
> (i) apply my patch to free_initmem() (or just comment it out)
> (ii) get recent binutils

Well I have the latest binutils installed!! binutils- with many of
the source and 'build` file dates in April of this year! Do these things
get changed weekly?

Hmm - my fault was an old ld - perhaps your fault is running SMP?

I am not near a kernel source tree, but you can easily test things,
now that you know where to look.
(Look in at the addresses for __init_begin and __init_end.
They should be multiples of 4096, i.e., end in 000. If not, your ld is bad.
Comment out the body of free_initmem(). Test whether all is fine. Etc.)