Re: multiple dat autoloader?

Scott Laird (
Fri, 23 May 1997 10:54:06 -0700

In message <>, Jauder Ho writes:
> I just saw one of these for sale. It is an Archive Fast SCSI-II 32
>GB Dat Drive. I was wondering if anyone knows if this will work with Linux
>i.e. I can address all 4 tapes with linux. I know people have gotten 4x4
>SCSI cdroms to work but I haven't heard anything about x4 tape drive...

I've got one and it seems to work. It presents two interfaces to the
computer for changing tapes. First, LUN 1 is a standard SCSI changer
device, and will accept change commands. I think there's a driver

Second, if you eject a tape, then it'll automatically load the next
tape. So *anything*, even without SCSI changer support, will work.

JEM Computers ( has them for about $360 each,
refurbished. That's not bad for a DDS-2 drive :-).